Monday, 19 April 2010


I wasn't going to write about this, but have decided I will as I told myself I would be as open and honest about Ushers as I can be.

And now I've decided to write about it I have to do so now so I don't lose the nerve/bottle at a later date!

Yesterday morning I was waiting for a bus to get to work. The sun was really bright and despite having my sunglasses on the glare was glaring in a glary manner! Now, for those who don't have or know about Ushers, sun glare can be a right pain in the jacksie. You know those really over exposed photo's, it's a bit like that. plus my eyes water a lot when it's like that, so I have to contend with the blur that watery eyes give as well.

The bus came, the doors opened and I went to step on.

Before my foot hit the deck someone, a man, barged into me so HE could get on before me.

Because at that precise moment I was on one leg it knocked me sideways. My shoulder hit the side of the bus. I stacked and ended up on the road between the bus and the curb.

The man spun around and started shouting at me!

Apparently I should have been looking where I was going. I was taking the piss. I was making it far worst than it actually was. I was trying to make him look bad. I was a fool. I was f*cking waster. It was all my fault.

He then went and sat down.

The bus driver didn't anything other than look at me.

Behind me a group of teenagers were laughing.

No one asked me if I was ok. No one helped me up. I got up and walked away.....

I have never been so humiliated in my whole life. I have never felt so ashamed to be me. I have never felt quite as vulnerable as I did then.

So much so I didn't tell anyone at work once I got there. I didn't tell any of my family that evening.

No one wants to admit this sort of thing happens to them. But I am going to admit to it, because it takes a fair bit of bottle to do so, and I reckon I got that bottle!!


  1. It's not okay that you are feeling bad about something that isn't your problem. It's not even because of Ushers. That guy is a rageaholic and he is the one I feel humiliated for, not you. I'm glad you wrote about this. I hope you don't have to think about it anymore now. xox

  2. Well done for writing about this. He's the one with the problem, please remember that.

  3. What an idiot that guy was! Says a lot for civilisation today doesn't it!!
    Hope you are feeling a bit better now. I would also write a letter of complaint to the bus company about the driver's attitude to the whole situation!!!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I have ushers type 2 as well but I haven't had anything like this happen yet. There have been times when I have bumped into people without realizing they were there, and they generally think that I'm being rude. I know it's going to happen more and more often as my vision gets worse, which is something that I worry about.