Thursday, 22 July 2010

Canadian Nuns!

I thought it was about time I wrote a little something about the deafness side of Usher Syndrome. So here is a little tale from the deaf side.....!

Years ago, there was a knock at my front door, I opened it and there stood two Nuns..... It sounds like the start of a bad joke doesn't it??

I can assure you that the following really happened, I don't have the imagination required to make up something as surreal!

So... Two Nuns on my doorstop, me holding the door open with my mouth ever so slightly agape!

'We're from Canada!!' One exclaimed.

There was a slight pause and I realised that I was expected to say something,

'That's.... Nice.....!'

I continued to stare at them as they stared back at me. For me it was beginning to feel a tad akward.

See I'm not a religious person, I don't go to Church, I don't pray, I don't believe in God, Jesus, Allah, Heaven or Hell or any of the other stuff religion likes to preach.

I do celebrate Christmas, but for me that's about family, spending time with them, telling bad cracker jokes, eating with them and just enjoying each other... For me, there's no religious aspect to it at all!

As a result, I've never really had ANY interaction with any of the faiths, so to have Nuns on my doorstop really threw me off balance!!

'Erm.... Can I help you at all?'

'Yes!!' Big grins from the pair of them, 'We understand that a deaf person lives here?'

Now my mind felt like it was going to explode!! Nuns on my doorstep who knew that I lived there???!!! How the hell would they know that??? Maybe there was a God and he had told them?? Maybe I'd got this religion malarky all wrong!!

'Err..... Yeah..... That would be me.'

'Oh no,' one of them said, 'you're not deaf.'

'Pardon??' (see what I did there???)

'You're not deaf' she said, I don't think she got the irony of having to repeat what she said! 'You see, we've come over all the way from Canada to help the deaf community in the UK hear the word of the Lord.' Again two massive big grins. 'So could we speak to the deaf person? We've been learning sign language especially!'

By now I was internally feeling a little bit freaked out. It felt a bit sinister. It was dusk. There were two Nuns grinning at me almost manically demanding to speak to a deaf person and not believing it was me!

'Seriously, I'm that deaf person.....' and pointed to my hearing aids.

They looked really puzzled. 'It's just that... We were told that a deaf person lived here'.

'Yes... ME!! And WHO told you this??'

'Oh we can't tell you that.' Big grins.

WTF...... Am I on some kind of religious deaf list??

'So, you're the deaf person?'


'Can we talk to you, about God and Jesus?'

I didn't want to be rude, after all they'd come all the way from Canada, and learnt sign language, so I just said,'There's not much point really, I don't believe in God, and there isn't much you could say that will change my views.'

Yet another big grin from the two of them.... 'Yes, because you're deaf and can't hear the Lords voice, and we're here to help you.'

I stared at them again..... Feeling a tad annoyed that they would say something like that to me.

And then the normal me came back, it was like I had arisen from the cave and realised what was going on!

'I find that quite an insulting statement to make actually, I'm not non-religious because I can't hear all that well. I'm a non believer because I have the intelligence to make up my own mind, and not be brainwashed into believing something that, which lets be honest, is 99.99% certain to be a myth!'

It was their turn to stare at me with their mouths hanging open. I stared back at them for a few more seconds and then quietly closed the door. Went back into the front room and sat down, 'Who was that?' asked my brother,

'A couple of Nuns' I replied.

I would like to add, that although I personally have no religious beliefs I respect the beliefs of others... I just don't like it when people, or Nuns, try to make me believe!!