Monday, 17 January 2011

Guide Dogs, Part Three

Well..... it's been a while, and I do have my excuses.

1) I had to do some pretty intensive training with my guide dog.
2) I had to put a lot of time and effort to sorting out my work situation.
3) I started a new job!
4) It was Christmas!
5) It was New Years Eve!
6) My laptop has died a death!

Hopefully you will all understand that all the above combined made me put the blog on a bit of a back burner! I'm here now though, and fully intend to stay!

So..... Guide Dogs Part Three! From the list of excuses above, you will have probably guessed that I now have a Guide Dog! I'll try not to rush into how amazing he is just yet, and continue nicely from that post about Guide Dogs!

After the initial assessment an appointment was made for Dee to come out again for us to go out on a walk, for her to get an idea of how I walk, my pace, the sort of roads I use etc. The day came around and Dee arrived. First off we just walked down my road with her besides me chatting away to each other.

She then asked if I'd mind doing a short handle walk. This is where the assessor (Dee has a shorter version of the handle on a Guide Dogs harness, I held one end, Dee got down on her hands and knees and off we went! Naturally I'm joking, she didn't get on her hands and knees! we just carried on walking her slightly ahead of me and winding about a bit. I actually felt a bit of a plank during this bit as the road I was living on at the time was, and probably still is a busy one! But needs must, I'm pretty certain it helps to match me to a dog, and isn't just an exercise in looking a bit silly!

After about ten minutes of this and me feeling a bit smug cos Dee told me I was very good at following the harness (understandably I guess most people with some remaining sight find it hard to 'let go' of the responsibility of looking after themselves!), we then did an exercise where I stood at a cross road looking straight ahead and telling Dee when I could see the car she told me was coming. That was a real wake up call for me to be honest... It took a long time from Dee telling me, to me actually seeing it!

We then sat by the river, it was a beautiful sunny hot day and talked some more about the possibility of me getting a dog.

She told me that someone else from her office would be coming out to do another walk assessment and after that I would be invited out for an overnight stay in a hotel to meet some dogs, and to work with them.

Thats all for now folks!

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  1. Wow, that's incredible to learn about the process. I had considered getting one myself but I just travel far too much ( Also my last dog died a few years ago and I really enjoyed adopting her and training her and I want to do it again... so maybe 2 dogs down...