Friday, 13 August 2010


I'm going to talk a little more about the deaf side of Ushers. It's something that we, (from now on assume that 'we' means those of us with Ushers!), don't really talk about much.

So why don't we? Because we're ashamed? Because it's too big a subject to our heads around? Because we don't know how to articulate what it's like to be deaf?

I don't think so, and having spoken to others who have Ushers, Type 2 at least, I think I might have an idea why.

It's because we were born deaf. Well..... Partially deaf. The Deaf world is a funny one with the labels it gives people. But thats something I'll talk about a bit later!

So, born partially deaf, hearing aids from a very young age, speech therapy, the ability to lip read, the saying 'Sorry, I can't hear you, let me turn on the light/put on my glasses!', the ability to 'read' body language far better than hearing people, mishearing things people say and either being really embarrassed or having a right old giggle about it, ignoring people if they're just behind you..... It's endless!!

But unlike the sight, it really doesn't feel like an issue for me. Being deaf is me, it's a massive part of who I am, it's formed my charactor, my personality and I suppose my stuborn nature!

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to music without my hearing aids in. Just have the music on, and feel the music through the floor, or through the chair. It's actually really really relaxing!!

I like that I can just ignore someone irritating if I choose to, and then say 'Oh I AM sorry, didn't hear you darlin'!!'

There are bloody annoying times with the deafness..... Like those who actually tell you that you are NOT deaf, 'Hmmm, I wearing these hearing aids as a fashion statement do I???'

Or those who when you ask them to speak clearly either start shouting or just over exaggerating the way they speak. Shouting doesn't make it clearer, and taaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllkinnnnnnnnng liiiiiiiiiiiiikkkkkke thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis certainly doesn't make it clearer!!

However, if someone were to turn around tomorrow and say 'At the flick of my wrist, I can give you hearing, proper hearing with no hearing aids!!'

I'd say straight away, with no thought 'No thanks!!'


  1. Wow, intriguing to read, thanks for writing this and sharing some of your experiences :) Love how you enjoy music by feeling it through the vibrations of the sound. Reminds me of how I once went to a play performed by (partially) deaf people, and in the audience there were also many people who were (partially) deaf. At the end of the play the majority of the audience started stamping their feet and sort of waving their hands in the air as a substitute for clapping - I absolutely LOVED it and immediately joined in (after a moment of 'wtf?!' I must admit, as I had never seen anything like this haha). But really enjoyed after I understood what was going on, there's so much more energy and enthusiasm in showing your appreciation like this!

    Thanks again :)

  2. I don't know you, but I like how you stand into life. I have no idea (if I were deaf) if I could ever say it didn't really bother me. It's inspirational to me, for many reasons. I bet you hear this a lot but I still wanted to tell you :)

  3. As mother of two adult daughters with Ushers II (one of whom just discovered your blog and sent me the link), I am so enjoying reading your posts. Humor goes such a long way - you have found ways and words to inject it into what I know can be a tiring and trying life experience. Bravo! I will look forward to following you.