Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Old Ladies

There are many dangers and fears in this world today, dangers to ourselves, people around us and society as a whole.

We hear on a daily basis how yoofs are becoming more and more feral and involved with gangs, knives, guns and drugs.

About the next big virus that might or might not wipe out entire populations, think bird flu, swine flu and mad cow disease!

We are in a time at the moment where unemployment is at an all time high.

We are told NEVER to throw out ANYTHING with personal details on them as otherwise your identity will be nicked.

Terrorists causing death and destruction.

Young men and women, dying out in conflict zones (as apparently it's NOT a war!). Or those young men and women coming home with missing limbs or damaged minds.

The media scaremongering us that the country is full to the brim and we can't possibly have any more people come here.

That the police are both over zealous, and don't do enough to keep us safe.

Our politicians are liars thieves and rotten scoundrels.

Then there are the more personal fears and dangers.....

Will we be happy, healthy, loved, will we be mugged for looking at someone the wrong way, fears of flying or enclosed spaces.

There are many more of course, and each person will have different fears, different dangers which the next person might not even consider to be an issue!

The other day I discovered the biggest danger to my own personal safety.....

It's little old ladies..... With grey or white permed hair..... Who for the most part look harmless and sweet as pie.

Put them in a supermarket though, in the day time when they quite simply over run the place they are my nightmare!!!!!

They dart about with those little old lady trollies with a basket on top, and suddenly stop for no apparent reason!!! Or they walk really slow and then suddenly sprint off in zig zags. They tend to be short! And I'm actually rather tall, so whilst walking around a shop looking for the eggs, if one of these short old dears stops I have to stop adruptly, usually because I've clocked them right at the last nanosecond!

My biggest fear is I will simply not see one one day and send her toppling to the floor and cause a broken hip!!!

And because they're seemingly sweet looking short old ladies, and I'm a tall not obviously blind 'youngster' I'd probably be run out of town and lynched!!!!!

They're like my cat, lovely for the most part, but also a danger that I'm going to tread on them!!!

So I'm not going to go food shopping in the mornings EVER again! It stressed me out and I don't like that!

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