Saturday, 25 January 2014

To the angry man who verbally abused me,

The other night I got on a train to go home after a long day at work. It was rush hour. There were LOTS of people on the train. It was crowded. there was very little room for myself and my boy Samson to get on. But we did. And yes, it was a squeeze. Nothing untoward about that. It's three stops to my station and so while it is rather intimate, it IS a short journey.

It should have been uneventful, something that was annoying, but something I should have forgotten all about it by the time I'd walked from the station to my front door. But you decided to make it something far more horrible than it should have been. You decided to make it memorable for all the wrong reasons...

You don't know me, you don't know anything about me, you've never met me, you don't know what my financial situation is, you don't know what I do for work and as far as I know you've never even seen me before.

And yet, you felt you had the right to make some very sweeping and damning assumptions about me and you did this very loudly, very rudely and very publicly.

You saw a woman with a Guide Dog get onto the train and thought you'd take out all your frustrations out on me. I think that I'll remember the things you said to me clearly for a very long time, because they were hurtful, they were hateful and they were humiliating. You didn't like me answering you back did you? It clearly wound you up even more, to the point that you were screaming right in my face. I've never seen such hate on someones face aimed at me, when we've never even met before. In fact, I've never seen such hate on someones face aimed at me when we have met. 

Well, here are the answers to your rants that you refused to listen to...

'Why the f*ck would you choose to use public transport at this time with that f*cking dog???'

I chose to get on the train at that time because like everyone else on that train I also was on my way home after a day at work. I chose to get on the train at time because like everyone else on that train I wanted to get home as soon as possible.

'I bet you've just been sat around all day doing f*ck all on my taxes you lazy c*nt!!!'

No actually. That day I'd been doing interviews, inductions, database stuff, filing, a report and all the other day to day admin stuff I have to do in my job. Something I get paid for and something that I also have to pay taxes on.

'F*cking get off and f*cking walk! Get the f*ck off!!!'

Why should I? If you're so offended by my existence, YOU get off, YOU move elsewhere or just ignore me!

'Your f*cking sort get on my f*cking nerves! Me, me, me, give me more f*cking money, me, me, me!'

My 'sort'? You the mean the 'sort that works, the 'sort' that volunteers, the 'sort' that actually has to work harder than you just to get through the day as 'normally' as possible, the 'sort' that doesn't claim thousand of pounds a week (that 'sort' is pretty much a myth by the way!)?

I don't just blame you, although I do blame you mostly, I also blame our government and our media who have done everything they possibly can to demonise my 'sort'. Who allow you to think I am worth nothing more than something you might have the misfortune to tread in, who allow you to think that I am fair game when it comes to random abuse and who allow you to think I should be invisible and should dare to be out in public.

I also blame them for letting every other person on that train to do or say nothing. Who either pretended it wasn't happening or just stood and openly watched. That spurred you on didn't it?

'No one gives a f*cking sh*t about you or your spastic needs! You spastic c*nt!'

Right at that very minute, you're right, no one did. I was very much on my own. I don't think I had ever felt more alone than I did for those ten minutes. Never. I was raised to speak up for those going through an injustice and I have done so on many occasions. I'll continue to do so, but wwill also now know that it's not something to automacally assume others would do for me and that makes me a little sad because I've always assumed that people are in general decent and kind and moral. Not cowards.

I wonder if you went home and proudly told your family and friends that you verbally abused a blind woman? I wonder if you actually felt like a man acting like a nasty little bully? I wonder just how empty and bitter and lonely and unfulfilled you must feel as a human being to do what you did?

But... If your aim was to make me feel about two inches tall, to humiliate me, to make me feel worthless and to make me cry, congratulations. You succeeded.

I have to remember that this, while not unheard of, isn't the norm. I have to remember that my life is obviously filled with more joy than yours is. I have to remember that I am not the piece of scum you want me to believe I am.

And I have to remember that you clearly have a tiny penis!


  1. What a complete prick. How dare he, it makes my blood boil.

    1. That guy was mentally disturbed. Nobody in their right mind spouts off to folks with disabilities like that. As for the cowards on the train? They'll get theirs one day. Stay strong, stay sane.. remember for every dickhead there are many more who make this planet worth living on.. including yourself.

  2. Debbie from Filey25 January 2014 at 16:31

    That is disgusting the man should be whipped, but also for all the rest of the people on that train to completly ignore the man and not help you well it just goes to show that the human race is going to the dogs.

  3. if I was you I would go to the train company and see if you can get a copy of the tape and see if the railway police can do any thing about this man if not take the copy to the police david and lassie 36***6

  4. the sad thing about this is, that noone, not a single person on that crowded train had the decency or balls to back this poor lady up. i hope everyone who was within hearshot of the event can look at themselves and feel really proud of themselves, can feel they really did a good deed that day. gutless! the lot of them!

  5. I would like to say this is a surprise but I fear that this whole situation may be the norm these days, I feel very sorry for the poor lady, the whole incident must have been so humiliating for her, as for the 'on lookers' well I just hope that they never find themselves in the same position where no one stands up for their basic human rights, As for the Ranting Moron all I can hope for is that Kama does come around!

  6. I feel physically sick having just read this and absolutely disgusted that another member of this so called "human" race could have acted so callously - let alone the countless others on that train that did nothing - from those stood around, to those that should have moved aside and given you a seat in the first place.

    I am absolutely livid as I just think about what an awful ordeal you have had to face for absolutely no reason at all than the sheer selfishness of another person.

    What saddens me most is that this yet again shows that common decency and courtesy and caring for others appear to have gone out the window once again - but please know that they DO still exist and any decent human being would stand tall beside you - show you compassion and courtesy.

    I just hope that anyone on that train carriage that day from the vile scum giving the abuse to the cowardly ostriches that stuck their heads in the sand reads your story and sees the error of their ways before they rot in hell!!

  7. What a twat, if I'd been there I would have given him a mouthful

  8. Totally unacceptable behaviour. You shouldn't haven been subject to that attack. Cheeky bxxxxxd. Let's get this blog far and wide people and hope he reads It!

  9. Reading this has made my blood boil so much if he was in front of me now I'd kill him...He's the sort that parks his car so close to the next one they can't open the door. He's the sort who thinks he's always right no matter what. He's the sort who thinks he has the right to everything and no one else has....HE IS THE SORT!!!

  10. I have no words for you. You should never have had to suffer this pointless and inhumane attack. You should never have been left to deal with it alone either. Though on that evening there were many onlookers, there was not one decent human ready to stand up to a lowlife bully.
    For the injustice you suffered i only wish i could take away and inflict on this person 100 times over. I am so very sorry, sorry that someone like me wasn't there for you, sorry for the humilation and abuse you suffered, sorry for the lack of action by your fellow travellers and sorry that this inhuman piece of scum was there and able to act like he did.
    As hard as it may be, try not to let him ruin your happiness that you have, try not to let him undermine you. If you do then this bully has won. Just be sure in the knowledge that one day, he will do it again, and one day he wont walk away so day someone will take his hamfisted attempt at being human and ram it down his throat, along with his hate spewing tongue.

  11. No No Absolutely Not.

    This has moved me so much. I am sorry that this happened but more sorry that people stood by and let it happen.

    I am just so sad.

  12. report the incident to the transport police, scum like that shouldn't be allowed to get away with this type of behaviour

  13. Yes, definitely report it to the transport police; they have cameras in most stations and might be able to pick him out. As for all those bystanders, shame on them; they're worse than him because most of them would have thought he was way out of order whereas he's a deluded fool.

  14. what a complete and utter dickhead.....I hope he gets his just desserts ........I would do as a person up the page has said and see if you can get hold of the cctv tape and present it to the police....this should not ne allowed to happen ....hope you are ok now xxx

  15. This is what happens when human beings are not seen as 'people like us'. Unfortunately government rhetoric about 'lazy scroungers claiming benefits' has perpetrated this kind of thinking - some of it encouraged and spread on social media. I feel so sad for you having to experience such a terrible experience. I hope you are able to recover and gain some solace from the support you receive elsewhere. With compassionate good wishes to you.

  16. Where was the guard on the train and why the hell did the public not back you shame on every one of them and the dickhead that abused lets hope he has been caught on the cctv and as for the public you know who you are shame on each and everyone of you

  17. Pat Halifax W. Yorks26 January 2014 at 13:45

    What a dreadful ordeal for you and your dog to have to go through. I do hope that dreadful person will be punished in one way or another. How sad that things have come to this. Hopefully something nice will come your way and your faith in human nature will be restored. best Wishes for you & your guide dog in the future.

  18. Dee. Spain 26th January 2014 15.0326 January 2014 at 14:04

    What a disgusting person he is to put a fellow human being through some thing like that . He will get his comeuppance you probably won't ever know but he will.I wish you all the best for you and your Guide Dog.

  19. I only wish I'd been on that train because I definitely would not have stood by and let this foul mouthed person have spoken to you in this way. Take heart that there are nice people about unfortunately that day they seemed to be lacking.

  20. What a horrible situation that wassock put you in, he should be glad I wasn't on that train as he would have been off it head first! Had a word with my brother who is a station manager he said if you pass details of incident to train line or local station they can scan CCTV and could perhaps catch the bigot if he is a frequent commuter. I am only sorry that you had to be subjected to this xx

  21. That was disgusting, he had no right abusing you like that and the other passengers behaviour was just as shocking. I have always prided myself on the fact that I would help. I'm a guide dog owner too. If I'd have been on that train I would've helped you for definite. xx